SAVE 5c per litre with
metro fuel card

Metro Fuel Card

Save 5c per litre with Metro Fuel Card.

Sign-up for a Metro Fuel Card and receive 5c per litre off fuel for the first 3 months after activating your card*. 5c off fuel offer is available ONLY at any BRANDED Metro petroleum service stations. Available to the first 1,000 cards. Offer ends 30th June 2021.

For ABN holders only

  • E10
  • Unleaded 91
  • Premium 95
  • Premium 98
  • Diesel
  • Premium Diesel
Terms and Conditions Apply

The first 1000 customer that sign up to the Metro Fuel Card will receive $0.05 off the pump price to a period of 3 months only. The later of the 3 months, customers will be charged regular fuel prices subject to the applicable store.

The Metro Fuel card can be widely used at 95% of participating Metro Stores in Australia. This offer is exclusive to participating Metro fuel stations in Australia. This fuel offer is only available for the following fuels, E10, Premium 95, premium 98, Diesel and Premium Diesel. For ABN holders only

Metro Petroleum

Why Choose Metro?

metro fuel card front

Our card is accepted Australia wide and ready to go wherever you are.

  • Large network of over 250 Metro locations
  • Accepted at over 90% of service stations Australia wide on Motorpass terminal
  • Full range of security options and card restrictions
  • Low fees and charges
  • Online card management and reporting
  • Comprehensive ATO approved statements

To login to your Metro Petroleum Account, please click the button below:

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For Metro Petroleum Fuel Card customer service call 1300 056 350