Metro Petroleum TGP​

For Sydney Area L15, our Metro Petroleum wholesale bulk-rate Terminal Gate Pricing (TGP) is GST inclusive. We’re supplying consumers and businesses in NSW with TGP, vehicle servicing, oil and lubricants, automotive repairs, service station amenities and more.

We offer the TGP options consumers are talking about!

  • Unleaded
  • Unleaded E10
  • Pulp 95
  • Pulp 98
  • Diesel
  • Premium Diesel
  • Winter Mix

Please contact us for any enquiries on orders

Phone: (02) 8722 2100 or 1300 888 800
Fax: (02) 8722 2181
Mon – Fri: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except public holiday

Metro Petroluem Petrol Station 3 Truck

General Disclaimer

Metro Petroleum TPG prices are subject to change without notice, at our discretion. The prices displayed do not constitute a sale but rather a service offering. When a customer places an order, it constitutes an offer we may consider. We take every precaution to ensure correct pricing, but we cannot be held responsible for any error in our displayed prices. The customer must take full responsibility to check for the correct pricing when they place an order.


At Metro Petroleum, our prices are noted in cents per litre and include GST. Except where we have noted in writing, the following Terms and Conditions apply to all fuel purchases:
Metro Petroleum’s fuel price Terms and Conditions apply to spot sales only. Fuel orders are required for submission before 11:00am EST for collection and delivery on the following day.
Prices shown are subject to change without notice, at the discretion of Metro Petroleum.
Prices are for full-tanker loads only, minimum 35KL.
Drivers as well as vehicles entering the terminal must have both AIP, terminal and company accreditation.
Metro Petroleum has the right to refuse supply in the case of: no payment received, products unavailable, and/or the driver, truck, and/or equipment do not meet the appropriate accreditation.
The customer’s price will be the price applicable on the day of the order pickup from our fuel terminals; this will be noted on the website.
Products must be prepaid and funds cleared into Metro Petroleum’s account the day before collection from the terminal. For new customers, it could take up to ten working days from the receipt of the customer’s information to set up a new account and process the first supply request.
During a time of shortage, Metro Petroleum reserves the right to limit supply to customers, allocation of fuel maybe imposed during the fuel shortage.
All quoted prices are for 15c temperature-corrected volumes and are inclusive of GST, Excise, and Capital City Product Subsidies where applicable.