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Metro Petroleum – The nearest gas station for you

Hungry? Thirsty? The nearest gas station of Metro Petroleum offers a lot of solutions to keep you satisfied doing your ride with your car  – at more and more stations.

We at Metro Petroleum combine a wide range of fresh food and products. Here you can enjoy the time at the gas station and refresh yourself to refocus and charge up to be fully vitalised.

No matter if you seek a café crème, cappuccino, latte coffee or latte macchiato, we offer them in different sizes to go. No matter what size, there are always 100% organic Arabica beans inside. 

We recommend you to try out our coffee and bakery combination. A sweet baking classic always goes well with coffee. 

Of course we – as Metro Petroleum – we not just offering coffee or muffins. Discover the wide range of products in the PetitBistro – From classic pies and sausage rolls to donuts, Mr Whippy Thick Shake, beverages, Cold Rock Ice Cream, the cheesecake shop sessert and essentials like hand sanitizer which are of course highly requested. 

But Metro Petroleum not just offers food. As a premium gas station we supply you with Unleaded , Unleaded E10, Pulp 95, Pulp 98, Diesel, Premium Diesel. 

Also tobacco, magazines, gas tanks and our metro fuel card for enterprises (save 5c in the first 3 months) are apart of our sortiment.

We – from Metro Petroleum – always strive to give you the best experience at our nearest gas station from you. Our 200+ stations offer various services and will make your gast station as enjoyable as possible.